Business Legacies

More than your mission statement; beyond a simple history of your business, lies a key factor in your quest for success: your Business Legacy. Documenting the history, purpose and future prospects of your business is now more important than ever. A Business Legacy works to solidify your purpose, making your business far stronger than before.

A Business Legacy serves as:

* A repository for the stories experienced while climbing the ladder of success.
* Insurance, increasing every possible chance for revenue.
* A promoter of passion - leading to enhanced profitability.
* A producer of harmony among owners and a supplier of strength during times of conflict.

Each Business Legacy is tailor-made to suit the desires of each client.
A Business Legacy may also contain:

* Biographies of each founding member.
* Photographs of the evolution of your storefronts or company headquarters.
* Brochures, business cards and all other memorabilia, up to and including those currently being used.
* Posters, newspaper and magazine clippings and videos documenting the history of your advertising campaigns.