Personal Legacies (Ethical Wills)

A Personal Legacy, or Ethical Will, is the perfect vehicle to assist you in becoming aware of the path you truly desire to follow. In addition, the creation of a Personal Legacy grants you the opportunity to be remembered in your own words.

In a series of one-hour interviews with a Personal Legacy Facilitator, you complete a review of your life, starting with your birth family. You direct the depth and extent of the review. The final product will be a document of whatever length you desire.

The benefits of undertaking a Personal Legacy Project:

  • Reviewing the stages of your life and the inherent wisdom gained from each, enhances your awareness and makes for more solid choices in the future.
  • A document is created that shares your values, beliefs and hopes for the future in your own words.
  • Often the process leads to the discovery of our life's purpose or the recovery of our long-forgotten dreams.

Lastly, a Personal Legacy, a tangible link to our immortality, serves as an heirloom that expresses our uniqueness. Passed on from generation to generation, a Personal Legacy document gives our descendents a real sense of who we were. Leaving something behind for others to know you more intimately gives you a sense of peace.